How Much Do Private Jet Charters Cost? 2023 Pricing Insights

How Much Do Private Jet Charters Cost? 2023 Pricing Insights

Private jets have become the new symbols of sumptuousness and comfort. Flying business class on a commercial airline is great. But it gets better with private jet charters. Commercial flight inconveniences such as flight cancellations, long airport lines, and operational delays have become rampant as air travel grows in passenger numbers. Private jet charters take luxury travel to a whole new level by ensuring personalized services, convenience, and flying exclusivity. As you plan your next trip, you probably soliloquize, “How much do private jet charters cost?”

This article dives deep into the 2023 pricing landscape and the real costs of private jet charters.

How much do Private Jet Charters Cost?

Owning a private jet will cost you between $500,000 for a used old model and $75 million for a sleek state-of-the-art acquisition. Have your dreams been dashed and shattered? Not invariably so.

You can still enjoy the privileges of private flying without buying the entire bird. This is possible through private jet charters and rental agreements. Private jet charter costs vary depending on various factors, such as the type of jet you want to fly in and the distance from departure to your destination.

Light Jets, Turboprops, and Very Light Jets are usually the cheapest private jet charters since they are cheaper to maintain and fly shorter routes. Depending on the aircraft used, these aircraft typically cost between $2,000 and $5,000 per hour.

Mid-size jets are fairly expensive and cost up to $8,000 per hour. These aircraft are larger and have a greater fuel capacity than Light Jets, Turboprops, and Very Light Jets. Therefore, they can travel greater distances in one flight, making them ideal for moderately long-haul flights.

Executive jet variants will cost more than $10,000. They have a larger fuselage accommodating more passengers in one flight. They also offer more executive VIP services and are the real definition of luxury and affluence.

These rates are a rough estimate of what you can plan with depending on your budget and the aircraft you want to use. The actual costs depend on the company in which you are chartering, market conditions, special requests, and aircraft availability. Contact WiseJets today for a formal quote to your destination.

Private Jet Charters vs. Private Jet Ownership

Owning a private jet is relatively expensive. However, it depends on the frequency of travel. When traveling more than 250 hours yearly, owning a private jet can make sense. The aircraft will also be ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for tax write-offs depending on the country or state they are operating from.

Owning a metallic bird comes with additional costs such as maintenance, paying crew members, parking fees, and landing fees, to mention but a few. Using the aircraft for less than 250 hours in a year becomes less economical and more of a liability than an asset. It also limits you on choosing different aircraft each time you travel. If the hustle is not worth the ownership, charters are your best bet.

It is wise to use private charters if you fly less than 250 hours a year. Charters will also eliminate the noise associated with owning a private jet, including maintenance costs and paying staff. Chartering private jets also gives you the benefit of traveling on different aircraft each time you have a trip.

Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership

If owning or chartering is still not good enough to suit your needs, there are other alternatives to flying private, including Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership. Jet Cards are prepaid cards or membership programs that individuals or businesses acquire to access private jets at a fixed hourly rate. Private jet charter companies typically issue Jet Card memberships for frequent private jet fliers.

The advantages of these features resemble that of charters. However, jet cards allow users access to different aircraft for different trips as well as significantly reduced prices.

On the other hand, fractional ownership refers to shared ownership of a private jet. The model allows individuals or businesses to organize themselves into collectively owning a fraction of an aircraft. In other words, fractional ownership is owning a portion of a jet fleet regarding flight hours. The more stake you have, the more hours you get.

Private Jet Charters in Indianapolis

For Indianapolis residents, the dream of flying private is closer to you than you think. The subject of flying private for your vacation seems daunting. However, WiseJets will go above and beyond to facilitate a world of possibilities tailored carefully to meet your travel needs.

WiseJets private jet charter services provide flexibility without requiring extended devotion, whether you’re looking for a brief business trip or a roomy cabin for a relaxing getaway with your friends and family.

WiseJets offers jet charter at extremely competitive prices. From short flights such as Indianapolis to St. Louis to long-haul flights to any part of the world, WiseJets has you covered.


Private jets have revolutionized air travel by introducing convenience, confidentiality, and privacy to air travelers. While owning these aircraft is a good option, chartering them is best for those traveling less than 250 hours a year. Private jets offer comfort to passengers alongside exclusive perks. These flights depart on time and have no congestion for passengers in the terminal.

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The true cost of chartering a plane depends on many factors. Speaking with a charter representative will give you the specifics you need to fly to your destination. Contact WiseJets today for a formal quote, or use our quote estimator.