Volair Club

Volair Club membership guarantees access to wholesale prices for preferred hours chartered each month. From investment, access and service, Volair Club membership benefits make it easy to travel wisely.

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TIERHOURS/MONTH6 Month Term1 Year Term
2 named members
Family +
2 named members
5 named members

*Empty legs will include 5% broker fee

*Additional flight hours billed at 550/hr

*Plus taxes and fees

How it works:
1) Contact your Volair account advisor with trip details
2) Receive aircraft options at wholesale prices
3) Work with your advisor to select option that best fits your needs.
4) Select additional pre- and post-flight amenities (i.e. catering, car service, hotel.)
5) Sign agreement, pay, and enjoy your travels.

Member Benefits:
– No large upfront investment
– Membership is based on hours flown per month
– No broker fees
– Members control aircraft preference
– Set up on our empty leg list (associated with the top 3 destinations provided)
– 24/7 dedicated Volair advisor
– Aircraft availability guaranteed within 24 hours of departure

All flights are operated by Argus and/or Wyvern rated operators.

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