What We Do
WiseJets is an advocate for clients in a number of capacities:
We act as a broker between clients and aircraft owners in the booking
of on-demand charter flights.
We value the relationships with and well-being of our clients above all,
and are completely transparent in how we serve them.
What We Don’t Do
Full disclaimer:
WiseJets is an air charter broker and does not own, maintain, or operate aircraft.
WiseJets is not a direct air carrier.
All advertised air charter transportation services are
offered and provided by third-party FAA-licensed direct air carriers, certified under
Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135, Part 129, or Part 121 as issued by the Federal
Aviation Administration, or properly licensed foreign direct air carriers.
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What personal data do we collect?
The personal data we monitor helps to better serve you and to better define profiles that may find our services useful.
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It is necessary to exercise or comply with legal rights or obligations, or for normal business purposes of the kind set out in
this policy. This privacy notice explains our collection, use, disclosure, retention and
protection of your personal information for:
– When you have engaged with our technologies or previously stated representative extensions
– When you enquire about or charter a flight
– When you request or book a flight or additional services with us you will be required to
provide us with certain information including your contact and payment details.
We will use your information to check with you if you want to complete the booking, re-
book or enquire or need further assistance with your flight.