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Light Jet

Are you looking for fast and comfortable private travel? Charter a light jet. A light jet can travel up to 2,100 miles and carries 4-6 passengers. Want to take a trip with your family or friends? Or maybe you have to travel for business? Charter a light jet, and off you go! Light jets also have Wi-Fi, so you won’t be bored on the flight!



Traveling In A Light Jet

This capable cost-effective aircraft is perfect for regional flights. Even though the light jet is smaller than other jets, it offers more luxury and room compared to any commercial plane. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable flight.

Why Charter A Light Jet?

Light jets are fast and convenient. They are also comfortable and offer a flexible travel opportunity for a family vacation or the ideal business trip. It’s also more cost-effective than a larger jet if you’re traveling light.

Exceptional Service

We promise the flexibility to pick a light jet as per your schedule. Book last minute and still get the highest standards of service and safety. Want an add-on service? Contact us, and we’ll arrange it for you!

interior and exterior of a private jet

Popular Destinations

NYC To Los Angeles
Austin To Miami
Indianapolis To Sarasota
St. Louis To Eagle

Safety and FAQ's

No, you don’t have to. Flying a corporate jet in the U.S. means that you don’t have to go through TSA security. You can get out of your car and board the plane directly. But to ensure compliance with federal law, every passenger is checked if they are on the TSA no-fly list.

We have access to all airports throughout the continental USA and in most other parts of the world such Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. If there’s any specific airport you want to fly to or fly from, feel free to contact us to inquire about it!

Having a Jet Card or fractional ownership in an aircraft may seem like the best solution for your travel needs. However, both are capital intensive and limit flexibility when your aircraft is unavailable due to fractional owner bookings, maintenance issues, downtime, or inclement weather. Charter brokers are available on-demand and can typically locate an alternate aircraft and/or route for you within 2-4 hours. A broker is dependent on your recurring use of its services which makes your satisfaction a top priority. Plus, as your always reliable travel partner, the broker delivers this higher level of service without any required capital investment.

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We’re committed to excellent service and making private travel more accessible than ever! For further assistance, feel free to reach out via the contact form. We’d love to help you out!