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We’ve Got Exclusive Private Jets To Take You To St. Louis!

WiseJets was discovered to make private flights more easily accessible for the average person. You don’t need to be a billionaire to enjoy the comfort and luxury that comes with a private jet! We’ve partnered with multiple operators and have a high-quality fleet available to take you anywhere you want from St. Louis. With a wide array of plane options available, you’re sure to find the perfect flight for your business or personal travels. Whether you’re going alone or with a big group of corporate team members, we’ve got you covered.

Travel The World In Style With Our Private Jets

At WiseJets, we aim to provide you with the utmost comfort and security as you travel to your destination. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. With our services, you can:

Access more airports

Private jets can land in smaller airports that are unavailable for commercial flights. This gives you the luxury to choose your preferred airport instead of having to land at a crowded commercial hub. We aim to make your flight more efficient by helping you save your precious time!

Bring your pets along

Do you hate leaving your furry friend alone when going on your business travels? With a luxury charter, your pet can enjoy traveling through the air along with you! We’ll make sure to treat your trusty dog or cat like the VIP that they are.

Indulge in culinary delights

One of our special add-on services includes top-notch catering! You’ll get full access to a well-stocked galley, and incredible food and beverages that are completely customized according to your preferences.

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Are you interested in getting a private jet to your next location? We even offer empty leg flights for people with a more flexible schedule. WiseJets has amazing 24/7 customer service that can help you out at any time. Whether you need us to book you a hotel or transportation, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to find out more today!

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Safety and FAQ's

No, you don’t have to. Flying a corporate jet in the U.S. means that you don’t have to go through TSA security. You can get out of your car and board the plane directly. But to ensure compliance with federal law, every passenger is checked if they are on the TSA no-fly list.

We have access to all airports throughout the continental USA and in most other parts of the world such Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. If there’s any specific airport you want to fly to or fly from, feel free to contact us to inquire about it!

Having a Jet Card or fractional ownership in an aircraft may seem like the best solution for your travel needs. However, both are capital intensive and limit flexibility when your aircraft is unavailable due to fractional owner bookings, maintenance issues, downtime, or inclement weather. Charter brokers are available on-demand and can typically locate an alternate aircraft and/or route for you within 2-4 hours. A broker is dependent on your recurring use of its services which makes your satisfaction a top priority. Plus, as your always reliable travel partner, the broker delivers this higher level of service without any required capital investment.

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We’re committed to excellent service and making private travel more accessible than ever! For further assistance, feel free to reach out via the contact form. We’d love to help you out!