debunking myths about private jet charter

6 Myths About Private Jet Charter Debunked

There are a lot of myths about private jet charter services. For example, some people think that only the wealthy can afford it or that private jets are only for celebrities. Others believe it’s very complicated to book a flight.

But all of these myths are just that, myths! In reality, private jet charters are accessible to everyone, and booking a flight is as easy as booking a regular first-class airline ticket. Our team at WiseJets will take care of everything for you.

Myth 1: Private Jet Travel is only for Business Purposes

A private jet charter is perfect for both business and leisure travel. A majority of Fortune 500 companies take advantage of the speed and convenience of flying private. However, the size and scale of these companies provides financial access to own and operate their aircraft under Part 91. These aircraft can be used for business trips, vacations, family reunions, and other personal travel.

Myth 2: Private Jet Travel is Unsafe

Flying is the safest way to travel. Aircraft owners and operators have to stay up to date with extensive regulatory checks for any aircraft to be airworthy, as well as adhere to codes and standards to receive a carrier certificate. Private jets are subject to many of the same safety regulations as commercial airlines and must undergo regular safety inspections. When flying private, access to a private terminal provides safer and healthier travel due to limiting the amount of human contact. Thus, reducing the risk of exposure to many different viruses and illnesses. 

Myth 3: Private Jet Charter is Only for the Ultra-Wealthy 

friends on a private jet charterPrivate jets are typically marketed using well known celebrities, and that causes a misconception amongst first-class travelers. Flying private is seen as exclusive, which it is. However, this exclusivity doesnt discriminate against its’ clients. Whether you’re a successful business owner or a professional athlete, the hospitality remains the same. 

While chartering a jet does cost more than flying commercial, it is not as expensive as you might think. It can often be cheaper to hire a private jet than to fly first-class on a commercial airline. So when you compare the cost of chartering a jet to the cost of flying first class, it can sometimes be quite reasonable. 

Myth 4: All Private Jet Charter Companies Are the Same

The popularity of jet card memberships have led to the influx of travelers requesting to join, but with the increase in membership, aircraft availability has trended downward. Our team at WiseJets have worked with many clients that have expressed concern with aircraft availability. For this reason, WiseJets’ clients are more comfortable not having to worry about cancelation or last minute changes that various jet card models have experienced. Not all private jet companies are the same. There are many different private jet companies, each of which has unique services and amenities. Each company has its own unique business  model, ranging from jet card memberships to WiseJets’ pay-as-you-fly service.

Myth 5:  Private Jet Charter is More Expensive than Aircraft Ownership

myth of private jet ownershipWhen you factor in the cost of maintaining and storing a private jet, hiring a jet charter can be cheaper than buying your own aircraft. In addition, WiseJets’ pay as you fly model gives you the flexibility to fly where you want, when you want, without having to worry about the hassles of ownership.

Myth 6: Booking Private Jets is a Pain

Simply put, TIME IS MONEY. Our team at WiseJets understands that its clients have very busy schedules, thus limiting the amount of time they have to spend looking for a flight. WiseJets is honored to dedicate their time to handle the backend aspects of flight booking so their clients can experience the luxury of flying private headache free.  Booking private jets is quite easy. WiseJets makes it simple and convenient to book a flight. In addition, WiseJets offers 24/7 customer service, so you can always get the help you need.

Don’t Let The Myths Hold You Back – Book a Private Jet Today!

WiseJets is a leading provider of private jet charter services. We work with various owners and operators to get you the best price and the most convenient flight possible. If you’re looking for the best in private jet chartering, contact us today!